Thursday, June 27, 2013

Accepted for Guide Dog Training

Tuesday June 25, was quite a red letter day for me. Mid morning my cell phone rang and I answered. It was a call from Guide Dogs for the Blind.

It turned out to be the call that I have been waiting for since I started the journey of applying for a Guide Dog last December.

"Mr Elliott, we are pleased to accept you into the Guide Dogs for the Blind Family."

I am still a little stunned by the swiftness of the change in status. A few hours ago I was wondering if my application was prceeding, now I have been accepted, have a start date for training at the end of October and a file on my computer with all the documentation that I require to begin studying for class.

I have looked over the study documents, there is a lot of information in there. Quite a bit of the information follows what I learned on the home visit, back on Memorial Day,  some of it is new.

Much of the work appears common sense, behavior policies, helping your dog transition to a working relationship and care of your dog. All of thr information is clear and I am excited to be embarking on this new course.

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