Friday, June 28, 2013

A Cold Brings a Random Thought

One of the things I wish is that being blind was a bad enough disorder to mean you never get other forms of sickness like a cold or flu.

Darn it though, I cough up my lungs for the thirteenth time this morning, colds still hit me. Not as often as they did back in England were they were almost as regular a monthly event as the phases of the moon.

For three weeks now I have had a cold which has now settled on my chest. Conversation is nigh on impossible and going to the cinema is met by a hail of hisses from the surrounding audience as I sit and cough and cough until it feels like my lungs have been scrubbed out with steel wool.

On top of the misery of my cold is the promise of looming heat. 107 Degrees Fahrenheit or more for the next week, and worse than those daytime temperatures are the nighttime lows of 75 Degrees plus. A cold and sleepless nights. Yuck!

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