Wednesday, May 8, 2013


I have been waiting . Not for anything in particular. Just waiting.

Isn't that just how life is though?

Waiting for one thing to happen and so you can get on with waiting for the next thing to happen, then the next.

The other day I had to wait for the bus, then wait for the waiter to serve me lunch while I waited for the time to go to my doctor appointment. After that I had to wait again for the bus to bring me home and on the bus I waited to get home to have my dinner. Before waiting as I watched TV to go to bed.

Basically a whole day of waiting with perhaps thirty minutes of waiting free time when something actually happened.

Fascinating in the extremity of the boredom of some days.

If anyone had asked me what did I do on Monday I would have filled up with time wasters like I read a book, went to the doctors, had some ideas for wok to do. Posts to write, anything to seem as if I had really spent the day actively.

Anything to say something other than I just waited. "Waited for what?"

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