Friday, May 10, 2013

US Citizenship Class ends in Smiles.

Last nightwas the fifth class of the US Citizenship class which I have been teaching at my local public library.

All the classes had been very well attended, over ten people every week for the five weeks. The format was simple an introductory week then four study sessions where we looked at the one hundred citizenship test questions and examined them, learned some of the history. Worked on a worksheet together and generally made the whole process fun.

I believe in learning for fun and making learning fun.

I was really moved and almost cried, when several of the people who had attended thanked me for the class. It just seemed to really be something these people needed and that made me very happy that a service had been provided.

I will be going away from the class for a few weeks to re-examine how to improve it, with the use of their feedback. I had begun the class with one idea of how to make it happen and for the most part that was the way it worked, we also had some suggestions from some people as to how they would like to see the class develop. Those that could be implemented quickly were added over the five weeks, some others will require time to work out how to implement.

All in all, the last five weeks on a Thursday has just gone to confirm, to me, that blindness does not mean that I can't do something for others. It just makes it easier for me to make excuses not to do something, and I don't like excuses.

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