Thursday, May 2, 2013

Too Hot, Too Soon

One of the bad things about living in Central California for me is the summer heat.

Summers can be brutal here. 100 degrees Fahrenheit from July till late September seem the norm. OK Humidity is almost non existant but the heat can be oppressive.

These last few days have almost seen me break, already we are having temperatures in the high 90's F. High 90's! No I can't stand it not for at least another six weeks at least.

I remember when friends at work in England cried on the unfairness of me moving from England to California. I never liked the heat even of the occasional 80 F degree summer day in England. To move to the land of sun, California's golden beaches, surf or mountain. Er well the Central valley is about 2 hours drive from both beach and mountain and while the coast enjoys moderate temperatures we just bake.

One relief from the heat though is to drive over to the coast.

I remember two or three years ago. My wife and I drove over to the coast. Just inland temperatures were at about 109F. on the beach the temperature was 65F. The moment we parked the car, we opened the windows to let in a cooling breeze and in seconds were asleep. So cool, so refreshing. Several hours later we awoke as the sun was setting and droe back home to our 100+ F. Home.

Summer has come way too soon for me again. It's hot.

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