Saturday, May 11, 2013

Photograph App Coming Soon

According to a new app for your smart phone will soon be available to help you frame and take the perfect photograph.

If you are like me, I love to take photographs even though I can no longer see the result.

Whenever I go to a place it just seems right to take a picture.

The new app was created by scientists in Santa Cruz California  who asked a number of visually impaired and blind people what they needed to know in order to take a photograph. This app is a amalgamation of their answers and sounds very good.

Personally I have difficulty locating the shutter release on my smart phone and also at times I have to ask my wife to frame a photograph for me, of course that then does detract from my experience of taking the photo as it becomes, to my mind, my wifes photograph.

The new app uses audio cues to guide you into framing your picture and also allows the recording of a moment of sound to give you a clue as to the photograph itself.

It all sounds great and we will keep an eye out for any developments.

To read the Smithsonian Article click here 

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