Saturday, May 18, 2013


Movie going has becomr much easier in recent months. As I posted before Christmas the Regal Cinema chain here in Fresno, CA. has up graded its cinemas to have audio description of the movies as they screen them.

At first there was some problem actually getting the customer service people to actually set up the small black box correctly. Seemingly the box has two settings H or B.

H I take to mean for use with a hearing aid or some such thing. B suggests to me Blind or visually impaired for those who insist on our disability being described in the most ineffective politically correct way.

Anyway the wrong setting means the little black box is completely useless for my needs but sometimes it takes time to have a customer service person recognize that I know what setting I need better than they do.

Barring that moment when one finds a wrongly set little black box and having to trudge to the customer service desk two or three times to have them reset the thing, I now really enjoy the movies again.

I am looking forward to a bumper crop of Summer movies, Iron Man 3 was great. Star Trek looks good and what another Superman may do, well?  Who knows?


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