Friday, May 24, 2013

Happy Anniversary

Today, May 24, 2013 sees the seventh anniversary of the Central Retinal Veon occlusion which began my loss of sight in my left eye.

I remember the moment well. I was actually painting the bathroom of our new home. I was painting the wall white and suddenly my vision went fuzzy. I knew that was bad straight away.

I told my wife, and we got to a doctor pretty quickly. That doctor said I was ok, leave it a few weeks. At that point I made a mental note to change doctors A.S.A.P. but get the eye seen too first. Then there was a frantic series of calls to eye doctors. The first that I saw was irate that I had called as an emergency and made him cancel his lunch. Not going there again. The next eye doctors office we called from our cell phones in the car. They saw this was a real emergency and had everything set up to see the doctor within minutes of arriving.

Since that day seven years ago, my file has grown so thick that  it takes the nurses at the office two hands to lift and my doctor and I even discuss the possibility of introducing a frequent visitor miles option for me or at least placing a memorial plaque on the latest laser in memory of my service to her office.

Without that CRVO or the subsequent macular degeneration this blog may never have happened.

Happy Anniversary!

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