Friday, May 3, 2013

Guide Dog Home Visit Appointment

I was beginning to think that the next step in my Guide Dog Application might never happen.

I began my application at the end of last year. Then I had hoped that by now we would have had a home visit from guide Dogs for the blind.

It has been my own eagerness to get things done that has led to frustration. I placed minimum turn around times on getting reports from doctors and such. Too soon I realized that doctors work at their own pace, and no matter how much I wanted to get letters back they only sent them in their own time.

Well yesterday, I had a call from one of the home visit staff. She was calling to make an appointment, it will be in three weeks, on Memorial Day, Monday 27th May. A really great weekend to look forward to.

Our town has a fair and parade on the Saturday, then great excitement for me ensues with the Indy 500 on Sunday then to cap it all the home visit interview.

The visit consists of a discussion about the reasons for having a guide dog and also requirements, then I show the mobility person how I get around town at present. Then there is a test with Juno the instructor takes one part of the harness and takes the role of a guide dog and I learn some of the basi steps to handling a dog.

This is both nerve wrecking and also exciting, all my Christmas's have come at once. The final step  before possibly finding a place in the guide dog training program.

Wish me luck.

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