Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ambutech Rolling Ball Cane Tip: Product Review

I bought the Ambutek Rolling Ball tip for my white cane to replace my old marshmallow type cane tip.
The new Rolling Ball tip was large and round and looked pretty heavy. But it turned out to be a wonderful new tip.

Newly fitted Ambutech Rolling Ball
Cane tip.

The new tip, my tip is the hook on variety, fitted snuggly onto the cane in a few moments see my video on fitting the cane tip on "Reparing Your White Cane."

The tip has been in daily use for over three months now and is showing signs of wear and tear as you may be able to see from this photograph.

Ambutech Rolling Ball Tip
After three months daily use.

I have walked 150 miles with this cane tip. Normally after three months I would be looking to change the tip of my cane. This tip however looks like it has at least two or three more months use in it and I am confident that I don't need to replace it just yet.

The tip looks heavy but it is very light to use, I roll the cane easily with my thumb and forefinger. The ball tip is large enough to roll easily over breaks in the sidewalk and uneven surfaces but also give both audible and touch feedback.

The hard nylon case means that the ball gives a good crack sound as it strikes any object or broken sidewalk. Finding crossings  at the roadside is also easy as the ball makes a sound which is audible over some loud traffic noise.

The large size of the ball tip also means that other sighted pedestrians can see the tip and so move to oneside to let you pass. A common failure of small marshmallow tips are collisions with sighted pedestrians who do not notice my cane and so this cane tip has saved me many apologies.

All in all a great cane tip and at just a little higher price than a marshmallow rolling tip, I would say great value for money... See what others say about the Ambutech Rolling Ball Cane Tip.
Available at my Low Vision Store

Ambutech Rolling Ball Video Review



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