Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Waiting to Go to the Eye Doctor

This is the moment of the day that I dislike the most.

It is a little after 4am, I have been awake for an hour now and I know that I have a long day ahead.

It will be at least 9pm tonight before I get home. This is because I have a Retinologist appointment at 4:30pm this afternoon. It is hard to see my eye doctor so late in the day.

Before that I have to work at my day job, having changed my work hours around this week to allow me to leave work at 2pm today. Then there is a crazy dash across California to get to the eye doctors office in time for the appointment.

Today will be an injection day too. Lucentis is on the cards for today. It is four weeks since my last injection and since the previous plan of waiting eight weeks between injections failed at six weeks we are back to a four week interval of injections.

Having a late in the day injection, like today will be, also messes up my sleep patterns.

When I have an injection in the morning it is easier for me to recover. I generally come home and sleep off the discomfort. With a late afternoon injection the discomfort often lags over through the following day though it usually begins to clear in the afternoon.

Onegood thing is that my retinologist no longer has me use anti-biotic drops for four days after the injection. My eye is just well dosed with anti-biotic before the injection and immediately afterwards. This is much easier on me, not having to remember to do the eye drops every four hours.

So wish me luck.

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