Thursday, April 4, 2013

Taking Up Exercising

As the days are getting warmer and longer, I am taking up exercising.

Ten years or so ago, my work meant a day of walking. I could walk up to twenty miles per day, including eight miles just walking to and from work, four miles each way, because I didn't have a car and no public transport was around at five in the morning or after six in the evening.

Since having my stroke last September, I got lazy. Riding the local free bus on my one early finishing afternoon at work and the other days riding in the car too and from work.

I did get a treadmill, and use it, but not for long enough to do much real good.

Since my application for a Guide Dog is still progressing and as a part of the training I must be able to walk for a few hours per day. I have decided to increase my exercise levels considerably.

I can comfortably walk about three miles at present. The distance across town to Starbucks and back home.

I bought a small pedometer and set myself a minimum of 2,000 paces per day this first week. This is a simple goal and it is easily beaten, so far this week my average is just over 5,000 paces. At my pace measurement one mile is about 2,900 paces. So I am walking under two miles per day during the week.  I plan to raise this level to about 10,000 paces per day by the end of May, just about five miles.

With lengthening days that should be very achievable.

I will keep you posted as to my progress.

Anyone out there have any suggestions for keeping up on exercise regimes?