Monday, April 15, 2013

Starbucks Art

If you are familiar with the Starbucks Coffee House chain you will know they are in part famous for displaying art work, mostly photographs on the walls of their stores.

The other day I was in a Starbucks sipping on a coffee with my wife. It was a nice day and I was just gazing around the walls when I saw a large picture of a penguin.

"Why does Starbucks have a photograph of a penguin on the wall?" I asked my wife.

"Where? I don't see one. " She replied.

"Over your left shoulder. Two over to the left."

"No, that's not a penguin it's a man in a hat." Was her reply.

"Oh! Looks like a great photo of a penguin to me."

The "Penguin"
in Starbucks.

Even though I knew that my interpretation of the image was completely wrong, I never did see a man in a hat. I still see a penguin.

Ah. Well. Penguins are cute and my eyesight is terrible these days. If I want to see a penguin.  I have the right to see a penguin. Don't I?

Anyone have any other embaracing stories of a misinterpreted world?

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