Thursday, April 18, 2013

Exercise Update.

A few days ago I posted that I was going to make an effort to get more exercise.

For my initial goal I was setting myself a goal of 2,000 paces per day. On a day to day basis I found myself ranging anywhere from 900 to 8,000 paces per day. The lowest day involved a lot of work at my desk, I was a bit upset with myself for not getting out and doing more to make up the difference when I could that day. The 8,000 step day involved a walk to and from work and a lot of standing so I guess that also meant shifting from one foot to another.

The funniestexperience with this pedometer, which can be very sensitive at times was riding in the car I checked my reading then about 100 yards later I checked again and found it had counted 120 steps.  Whey hey, that's the way to exercise.

Of course in the interest of fairness I did not count any steps before that point in my days total and reset the pedometer back to zero.

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