Wednesday, March 27, 2013

"You Are Depressed"

A few weeks ago I was talking to someone I know just socially about stuff that goes on. The people shouting to make me see better, the people who stand in my way to drive me around an obstacle that I could findwith  my cane quite easily. The general day to day grumbles of a blind person really.

They waited a few moments, then entoned that "You must be very depressed, losing your sight suddenly."

So why is it that sighted people think that for every mutter and grumble that I might have, it identifies me as depressed. Oh,yes it is because I am blind and I have unresolved anger. Don't forget the childhood anger that I have too, how I was deprived as a child because my parents never took me to McDonalds and I didn't have a cell phone let alone a $500 iPad. OK there were no McDonalds or iPads back in the 1960's in England. HELP! We were all deprived then! I was deprived.

Acquaintanceswho have read self-help psychology books are a dime a dozen these days.

I imagine though the next time I see this person, ooops used the word see there, just a figure of speech. The next time I hear this person and they complain about traffic congestion and not finding a parking space, I'll just console them with how depressed they must be. Was it caused by the deprivation of childhood or the break up of a marriage.

Anyone can be a freelance psychiatrist in California. What the hell I'll open a stall and charge 5cents per consultation. Peanuts anyone?

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