Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Thank You Again

A year and one day ago, March 5, 2012. I posted a note to say thank you to you. All my readers.

Here we are a year later and I wanted to say thank you again.

In the message last year I told you that we had just passed the 4,000 visit mark. We had reached that figure in just under nine months. Today we have more than doubled that number of views as we have passed the 10,000 views mak at the end of last week.

I still have to pinch myself that we have reached that mark and hope that you will keep coming back for more.

This blog is not static, I try to put together as much information as I can about a variety of subjects. Though the common factor althrough is the blindness issue and the problems it causes, I hope that it allows you to see that blindness has some common problems and that there are solutions to many of those problems.

I am also pleased to see that more of you are leaving comments. This is a great help as I can see what interests you and I hope that I can supply more information upon those topics.

In the future I hope to expand the video blog area, initial interest has been encouraging.

So thank you again for your continued interest. I hope that you will all  continue to follow this blog in the coming weeks, comment on posts and introduce more ideas for contributions and please share any posts that you find interesting.

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