Thursday, March 14, 2013

Library of Congress/ National Library Service Survey

Many of you may know of the Library of Congress and National Library Service books for the blind and disabled.

Your local library, here in the US, will be able to put you in contact with your local service center if you are not already registered.

The Library of Congress and National Library service will provide you with a free digital reader which acts as a reader of special digital cartridges. The books are sent to you  via the US Postal Service in your normal mail delivery, you return the books in the same manner.

Unlike a normal library there is no fine for late return of a book. I have had books for two or three months without penalty.

The Library of Congress has constructed a survey for people who are or may want to use the service for the disabled.

By the way you need not be blind or visually impaired to use the service, you just need to have a medical condition that prevents you reading books or other printed matter as usual.

The survey takes about twenty five minutes to complete, but you can save it part way through and come back later.

The survey may be taken on the telephone, a Toll Free number is provided on the front page of the survey if you prefer. I wish that I had used the number to complete my survey.

I tried to complete the survey myself, but there are lots of radio buttons to click, my wife eventually had to help me to finish after a little swearing and cursing on my part.

To take part in the survey, US Residents only please, follow this link:  Library of Congress Survey

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