Saturday, March 2, 2013

"He's Blind you Know"

This week was a frustrating one for me.

I had to take two days off work to go to visit two different doctors. Ok so why can't doctors all work like the rest of us and not only see patients on certain days?

I suppose it is too much to ask.

Anyway, so on Wednesday, my appointment was for 11am, my bus journey from home to Fresno is three and a half hours and the bus left thirty minutes late at 8:30am. Not an auspicious start.

Luckily the bus was not too full so we made up some time on the journey arriving at 11:20am.

Then my pick-up was late. Caught in roadworks. So we were pushing time as we drove round and round in circles because the Doctors website gave the wrong address we had to travel twenty miles out of our way, evrntually we arrived at 12:26pm. The office was closed, but some of the staff were returning with lunch and llet me in to change the appointment.

My driver went in with me. So all the conversation went between him and the receptionist.


They made the appointment for  the end of March. Fine. They made the appointment for 10:30am. Er! So I pointed out that the time was not possible.

To which my driver pointed out to the receptionist that I was blind and so very obstinate. That time would be fine.

Sorry, obstinate I may be. If obstinate is pointing out that an appointment is set before my bus can get me even within thirty miles of the appointment under ideal conditions is pretty nigh on stupid.

But there it remained. Blind makes me obstinate, because I insist on making appointments that I can actually keep.

Please tell me that I am not alone in this frustrating world!

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