Friday, March 22, 2013

Blindness Described to the Sighted Through Photography

Today I read an article about how a group of blind men and women in New York City, NY, helped a photographer,  Gaia Squarci create a portfolio of work aimed at expressing the lives and experiences in visual terms which sighted viewers could recognize.

The New York Times article written by  David Gonzalez. The article appeared on the New York Times Blog and is entitledGuided by Blindness .

Take a look at the post, it is both moving and powerful and raises many thoughts that I had once considered as to how blindness changes both our view of the world and also how the world views us, the blind.

I found the interview clips very moving too. They are a little hidden within the script of the article so it can be tricky to play them. Hope you enjoy the article too.

If you do, then please comment below. If you don't like the article tells us why, that may then work into a really good conversation.

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