Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Benefit of Blindness

I think that I have found a benefit of blindness.

Yesterday one of our local schools was involved in a major basketball competition. They were playing in the finals for the championship, so a really big deal for a small town. Most of the town, including my wife and I, packed ourselves into our cars , trucks and buses. Then  made our way off to the game.

Well for most of the first half of their game our school was leading by a massive margin.

My wife got to  go down courtside with her friends, all the other teachers. I stayed up in the gallery, my own decision because the stairs down were very steep and no continuous hand rail.

Anyway from my vantage point I couldn't see the scoreboard, nor the game for that matter. I just got to enjoy the cheers and squeals of delight from our fans.

After half time both teams came out again and play resumed, the cheers and squeals continued loudly and I enjoyed every minute. Then came the final disappointment. Our school lost by just a fraction of a second and one basket.

I had missed all the tension of seeing the scores draw closer, the disappointment of every one of our missed baskets and the sorrow as realization comes as everyone else saw the clock countdown.

I had had a wonderful time just enjoying the atmosphere and living in complete ignorance.

Wow I had discovered a benefit to being blind!

Thanks for reading. Any thoughts and comments are gratefully received.

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