Monday, February 4, 2013

My Week-end

This last week-end was a fun time.

Saturday my wife and I went to "Olive Garden". OK so it is a restaurant chain, but as our closest is nearly one hundred miles away it is a treat when we do go there.

I had the gnocchi and chicken soup followed by roasted chicken and rissotto. My wife had a salad and four cheese ravioli. We really enjoyed the day out.

Sunday was of course Superbowl Sunday, but the game didn't air here until 3pm, so a long morning to wait.

I actually spent the morning playing with the Picasa movie maker software that I downloaded to process my photographs for my eBay and Etsy sales.

Mt little movie, well it is a series of still images that pass over the screen in a powerpoint style is now on Youtube.

It is an advertisement for my Etsy store, the music that plays over the video is an English Folk Tune "The Girl with the Flaxen Hair", quite apt if one thinks of flaxen as a material for making yarn, of course the flaxen hair referral is talking about the straw color of her hair.

It took several attempts to get the formula right.

I ran a How to create a Picasa movie on Youtube as I tried each part. My screen reader doesn't read all the drop down nwenus or controls so I am sure I could have used some better techniques. But I did create a movie and it seemed to say what I wanted.

Anyone care to take a look?

If anyone out there can point me to some tips as to making this first attempt work better, please let me know.
Then after the busyorning it was off to watch the game.
What a nail-biting Superbowl. As an impartial observer, my favorite teams not playing, I was still glued to the television. My wife, a Denver fan, was totally impartial. I knew this because of the screams of "My God! I can't believe they just did that." and other such calls.
These followed by a chirp of "What happened?" from me.
In the end it was nice to have such a well fought contest go down to the last few seconds. Someone has to win and I am fine with the Ravens victory, though sad for San Francisco.
But then San Francisco did get the World Series in spectacular fashion.
When does baseball season start anyone? LOL

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