Friday, February 8, 2013

Meet Eponine

This is Eponine.
I am a sucker for small animals. This small black cat began to hang around the yard last Fall, at about the same time as Polly, my 18 year old  German Shepherd Dog was put to sleep.
The cat had made friends with the orange cat that had been rescued by our neighbors from a dumpster. The orange cat appears in my Youtube video, "Cat attacks a blind man".
This little black cat would not allow me anywhere near her. She would run away and hide at the slightest noise and was to my mind completely wild.
As I was off work sick for three months, the orange cat often kept me company in the day and this little black cat would steal food from the dish of food I'd put out.
Over the winter as it got really cold outside, freezing for several nights last month both cats took to sleeping in my  garage. They now come and go pretty much as they please. Often spending the night out on the tiles and the day tucked up warm in the garage.
Last night it rained pretty heavily here. This morning there was a pitiful meowing from outside the front door.
I opened the door in mid meow, and I'd swear this little black cat moved so fast that there was a doplar effect on the sound. MMMMOOooowwww.
She ran into the garage, gulping at her food as this picture shows.
Then went to bed and slept the day away, snug and warm.
Now she has a name too. Eponine, and the orange cat is Gavroche. The two street wise youngsters from Les Miserables.

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