Thursday, February 21, 2013

Children Always Ask the Right Question

I spent last weekend at the coast in Santa Cruz, CA.

It is always a nice change of scenary to go to the coast. The smell of the Pacific Ocean, roar of waves, shouts of surfers and children and the honk of Sea Lions under the pier.

There is also a lovely walk from Rio Del Mar beach past the old sunken concrete ship. Yes they did build ships of concrete during the Second World War. This ship however sank in a storm and now lies yards from the beach. A home for fish, seals and Sea Lions. OOOPs! going off topic.

Well there is a long paved walkway between the beach and cliffs at Rio Del Mar. I often walk back and forth along the two or three mile long path.

On Sunday I was tapping my wway along, passing joggers and power walkers. Suddenly a loud, high pitched voice of a very young child cried out.

"Mommy. What's that man doing with that stick?"

There was a brief pause then a womans voice answered. "You shouldn't ask such questions."

I would whole heartedly disagree. That little boy or girl asked a great question. There are so few blind people about. We are invisible as well as being shy of crowds ourselves.

This child saw something strange, a man with a white stick tapping his way down a footpath. Why should they not ask why?

The womans reply was possibly infuenced by embarrasment. I could have heard her childs question and to her it was not an easy question. Sort of  "Mommy. Where do babies come from?"

People are just not used to blindness. They don't see us about much. They fear us when they do see us as if blindness is contagious.

Adults and children should ask more often. "What is that man/ Woman doing with that stick?" Then maybe we would all find comfort in the world.

What do you think?  Share your views in comments.

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