Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Days are Full

The past few days have been pretty full. 

I have been waking early in the morning and making some designs for items in my stores. It is amazing how much excitement it gives me to post products. Anything from T-Shirts to playing cards.

Also as part of my daily routine I have been knitting. Back in November, I purchased a set of knitting looms from

When I was a child I had used a cotton reel with nails driven into the top to knit long cords. This is similar in idea except I can make scarves, panels for flat items and lots of wooly hats.

I wasn't sure at first how it would work being blind but the looms have teeth which have a nice groove down the front to aid placing the needle behind the thread. This groove has the unintended consequence that I can feel the yarn with the needle and can use the loom very easily.

Before Christmas I made a hat for the Christmas gift exchange. It was pretty successful as a gift and my wife's aunt was so impressed that she asked for six more hats just like it, she paid for the yarn, I just provided labor.

I completed the order for the six hats last night. All very nice and very cosy. She wanted them for a ski-ing trip later in the month. Now just to deliver them.

All in all with those duties, planning my classic movies program for my local library and reading my book clubs next book of the month ,"The Book  Thief" using my Intel Reader to scan the pages. I have had a very busy few days. Next week sadly sees a return to the cycle of doctor visits again. Included in those visits is a trip to see if I am fit to return to proper work again and a trip to have a fasting blood test in Fresno. Sadly that one means nothing to eat or drink until past noon as the bus trip takes three hours leaving at 8am and arriving at 11am but having then to get to the doctors office and getting the blood draw can take another hour. Not looking forward to that one.

Anyway at least my days are full of positive things, mostly.

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