Friday, January 25, 2013

My First Sale on eBay.

I don't know if you ever came accross the problem of college bookstores over selling textbooks. In that you tell the book seller that you are doing a particular course and their eyes light up and dollars signs flash, to the sound of cash register bells. The bookseller then pulls you to a list of books and says they are all required for the course.  Halfway through the course you realise that you have been scammed, the instructor only uses one book as a text and the other seven that you bought are now surplus to requirements.

Well that was the story behind my first item sold on eBay. I took a history class on the US Civil War and the bookseller sold me way too many books. As a trial, knowing I would not make any money back, the original book cost me over $20 and Amazon have it for only $16, see how it's going?

I posted the bookon eBay in the middle of last week at 99cents plus free shipping. It eventually went for $4.88.

Postage and handling, an envelope and tracking cost me $4.00 and then eBay took a commission of 44cents. I made just 44cents if you discount the loss on actually buying the book in the first place, I am furiously trying to put a good spin on this with lots of creative accountancy and book cooking.

Anyway, there is now a clearer spot on my bookshelf. I have gained my first sale on eBay. The experience gained is worth a lot more than 44 cents and hopefully the purchaser will be able to put good use to the book.

Things learned for next time I sell on eBay:
  • Check weight of package for postage rate before posting sale
  • Include postage at that rate in opening price
  • Start a sale higher than I think it might be worthwhile. Bidding actually mostly occurs in the last day of the sale and a bidding war may drive prices up.
  • People want a bargain but they don't want cheap.
  • Auctions take days to warm up.
So my first sale is almost over, just need to wait for feedback.  I hope it is good feedback.

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