Sunday, January 13, 2013

I Love Football

Play-off Green Bay @ San Francisco

Yesterday dawned bright and cold for California, not too cold I guess for the visitors from Wisconsin.
Can you keep a secret?
Come closer. Don't tell anyone I am a Chicago Bears fan really, then follow that with Green Bay and add a touch of Indianapolis.
This season looked quite good for me as we got to the last week. All three of my teams stood a chance of getting into the play-offs.
First Chicago went out because the Vikings beat Green Bay. Then Green Bay bashed the Vikings the following week to play San Francisco yesterday. 
The Colts took a trip to Baltimore and fell apart and then Baltimore took on Denver yesterday and took the crown after two periods of overtime. Darn well missed that game. I was hoping for a Denver win, Payton Manning afterall. Can't turn my back on an old Colt.
So tough little Green Bay stood tall. My last hope for a cheer in the Superbowl on February 3rd.
It wvwn looked good to start  a interception and touchdown on the second play of the game.
Surely the 49ers Quarterback was rattled by that. Yeah sure. So rattled that he ran over  one hundred and eighty yards himself and scored two touchdowns. One over fifty yards! Threw the ball for another couple for more touchdowns and we didn't even really see Aaron Rogers because the 49ers had possession most of the time.
Even so until the half time break, Green Bay held San Francisco for a tie.  Only after did San Francisco really dominate the game.
So gallant Green Bay fell by the wayside.
I have no one to cheer in New Orleans on February 3, and that means I can relax and really just enjoy the game.
By the way do you like the hat? Knitted it myself last week. Not quite what I wanted but the pattern is unique, not even I could create that hat again. :)

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