Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Guide Dog III

Yesterday I made my trip to see my retinologist. This will now be a visit every two months as the optic nerve in the left eye now shows signs to her that it is dead. It has of course neen buried for all my life so the expression "Dead and Buried" is not quite apt.

Anyway the visit cibncluded with a bit of a chat about options and stuff. Carry on with Avastin and Lucentis injections. During the chat she mentioned she had received an enquiry about me. From Guide Dogs for the Blind.

It was their packet requesting medical references from my doctors. So the good news seems to be my application is moving along. If my retinologist gets back to them in good time, by the beginning of February say, the eight week clock which Guide Dogs for the Blind have for moving me to the home visit portion comes into play and, fingers crossed here, If I am lucky I may be reporting on a home visit by early April.

Yes of course now the bad news is that my left eye is clinically blind, not just legally blind. Drat it!

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