Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Christmas Present swap went Well,

My Father-in Law, Dave. A great man for BBQ.

As you may remember I mentioned that my wife's family had decided upon a gift swap and steal party for Christmas.

This threw me into a bit of confusion as I like to plan gifts for people.

Well as it turned out it was ok. One of the gifts I put into the swap was this apron.

In fact I designed the apron myself (it is available both at my cafe press or zazzle store) if you would like one.

My wifes family are great barbecuers, my father in law ( in photograph) is especially good. I had hoped he would pick up the apron, and as you can see he did.

He is much more jolly a man than this picture suggests, I caught him coming in from the barbecue where he was preparing a 24 pound rib roast, it was deliciously tender for Christmas Day lunch.

All in all it turned out to be a wonderful Christmas day.

My pick from the gifts?

$25 worth of scratch cards. I am currently waiting for my wife to find the time to help me scratch off the wax from the cards. Should we win, I wonder if I will be rich?

Nah! Not really, I guess I am very rich already to be surrounded by some great people and you, the readers of this blog.

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