Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Year Resolutions?

Do you make New Year Resolutions?

I mean beyond the diet which dies a death after the first bacon and egg breakfast of the year. The save money that evaporates with the new set of tyres for the car.

I mean definite unbreakable resolutions.

To achieve something even the smallest goal.

For me 2013 my goal is to return to work before the end of January.  Return to work?

Where will I find the time, I am so busy these days from early in the morning until well after dark.

As a little background, last September, I had a small stroke. It was actually a transient ischaemic attack. A small pin head sized blood clot in the brain. In a few hours I went from a doctor telling my wife to "Prepare to say goodbye" to sitting in bed and eating pureed sausage and eggs for breakfast. 

Ok I couldn't actually eat solid food for a week but believe me, puree sausage and eggs makes you get well pretty quickly if only to eat real hospital food. :)

So for three months now I have  been off work.  No pay, no chatting around the workplace, well only occassionally on my infrequent visits to deliver a doctors medical note, or in passing on my way to Starbucks for a venti coffee.

It took me just over three weeks to be able to get out of bed, then three weeks to walk to the end of my street, now Starbucks is the other side of town and I walk there, and sometimes back if the local bus is not running or available.

That was a major achievement back at the end of November, to get that lovely cup of coffee.

My next step is just to convince the doctor that I am pretty much ok.  There are still problems, my balance is not quite there as I tire and I  have some trembling in my hand.

To help the trembling though, I type and also took up loom knitting. a fascinating hobby, I can knit a hat in three or four hours, for an adult; less for a baby. It has even reach the stage where I have several commissions for hats from family members. Including several ski hats to be delivered by next weekend.

So causing the hectic business in my life over New Year. But a great achievement for me will be to return to my real job by the end of January 2013.

That is my New Years Resolution.

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