Monday, December 17, 2012

More Tests This Week

This week I have an important appointment with my retinologist.

She has ordered a test to check the blood flow in my left eye. The test involves the injection of a fluoresent dye into my arm. Then a series of photographs are taken in rapid succession.

These photos tell the retinologist how the blood is flowing around the retina.

For several months now the monthly injections of Avastin and Lucentis have not been working as well as they had.

Though I had reported this my retinologist kept wanting one more chance for things to change.  Now I guess she is looking into the matter seriously. She always said that there was no reason why I should see no improvement.

I think this series of photos will show a mass of blood vessels. She had lasered some away about six months ago, that improved the swelling situation, the retina did not swell as quickly after the treatment began to wear off but vision never really recovered either.

It may be that this week will see the end of intravitral injections after five and a half years.

Those five and a half years were at first filled with some hope. Often false hope created by me. Not my retinologist, she was always cautious as to long term effects. Anyway now maybe no sharp sticks in the eye every month.

More false hope? We'll see. We'll see.

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