Saturday, December 1, 2012

Guide Dog II

Yesterday I had a surprise telephone call. A nice surprise that is.

It was from Guide Dogs for the Blind.

The call was my telephone interview. If you are looking to get a guide dog it will be your second step after the initial application too.

The interview is to help the Guide dog people assess your circumstances. I was asked about how the decision to get a guide dog was arrived at. Guide dogs are not a trifle, you have to think about the life change that will take place much as you should when you take on any dog as a pet, but the guide dog will be a working dog not a pet for many years.

Then I was asked about the types of routes I normally walk. Obstacles I encounter, roads and traffic volumes along various rroutes.

Finally I was asked about my general health history. At the end of the call the interviewer asked if they could send me a consent form for Guide Dogs to contact my medical support teams and also the rehgabilitation department to check on my training on mobility aids, a white cane.

If the doctors supply their information in good time, Guide Dogs estimate a home visit could be made by February next year. 

That is about on a par with what I was led to expect in my previous conversations with them.

While all this is very exciting it is hard not to get my hopes up too much, these are important steps and at any stage the application can be refused or terminated.

For links to Guide Dogs for the Blind organizations in the USA and United Kingdom click here