Saturday, December 15, 2012

Cold Mornings

The past few mornings have been on the cold side.

Temperatures are just about freezing. So cars are icy and there is that bite in the air that catches your throat as you breathe in.  I love that feeling of freshness that comes with mornings like these. I miss the several weeks of cold mornings from back home in England. Moving to California's central valley, I gave that up, now I get several days like this at most in the year and I relish the moment.

It is  on mornings like these that I also look forward to thick hot soups for lunch or dinner. My favorite is a thick Ham and Pea soup. My wife and mother in law both make a delicious thick pea soup. My wife however is now challenging me to make my own.

It is actually quite a challenge. Before I went blind I did cook. Not brilliantly, but what I turned out was edible and kept me going as a single man.  Now though I never cook so my wife sees this as an opportunity to get me started again.

Make my own pea soup within two weeks.

It's just peas, potatoes, carrots and onions with stock. So I guess we will have a go. After all maybe I might do a better job than either my wife or her mother. Now that would be awkward.

First rule of marriage I learned is to never be better than your wife's parents at anything. :)

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