Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Guide Dog?

Thinking ahead times have been a little tough lately.

The death of Polly, my old German Shepherd, having a heart attack in June then a stroke in September. I am now almost recovered, still have a tremor in my left hand and a little weak overall.

So looking forward, I think we could do with a goal.  My MA is on hold for a little.

But how about looking into getting a Guide Dog.

A Guide Dog would work, I miss the companionship of a dog, I could be more generally independent and I think it woluld work out for me.

So today I contacted the California Guide Dog center in Sann Rafael. They run a series of programs at theor campus to let you see if Guide Dogs are good for you and to see if you would be a good fit for a guide dog.

Their next program is at the end of February 2013 then another in April.

So we can think about that for a while.

To find help on owning a guide dog here is a link to  Guide Dogs for the Blind USA

Link to   Guide dogs for the Blind UK


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