Friday, November 2, 2012

Election Fever: My First Vote

This next week is very exciting for me. I was an avid voter back in England, I didn't miss a local or General Election. Now for the first time I get to vote in a US National Election.

OK so many of you may be sighing at the thought of yet more politics. I admit I am dreading Wednesday of next week when no doubt once the political analysts have examined any result the plot for the Election campaign for 2016 will be laid out.

Anyway. Tuesday November 6th 2012 is a big day for me. I became a US Citizen in December 2010 so this is my first time voting for a major political event.

I got a review ballot through the mail a few weeks ago, a thirty page monster with all the local candidates, ballot measures and bond issues. Far more complex than a straightforward ballot in England where one puts an X next to your chosen candidates name, while making sure not to mark outside the right box, just in case you spoil the vote.

As things go, I have pretty much decided on my tax and bond measures, here in California we are also voting on the Death Penalty, whether to keep it on the statuts as we cannot use it as a punishment anyway because it is being boycotted by doctors who must be present. Then there is a chance to continue the "Three Strikes" law to make a third conviction for a major crime a mandatory life sentence.

Close to my heart is Measure B a llibrary funding measure that is up for renewal, for twenty years a portion of county sales tax has been given to libraries for books and programs. My wages are funded from Measure B so no measure B no job for me come January.

Beyond that of course there is the choice of President. That one decision has not been made just yet. Though I am sure California will send all its electoral college votes for the Democratic candidate.

I am really looking forward to seeing how the whole process works from a blindman's point of view. How the polling station workwers deal with me and my problems. I will let you know.

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