Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Black Forever. I lose the Eye


Yesterday I went to see my retinologist for my monthly check-up.

For several months now we have being trying to save the left eye. The tests every month were showing no swelling due to the injections of Avastin and Lucentis. The bad thing though my vision was not varying at all.

I can see bright light as a pale glow in my left eye otherwise there is nothing there. No light, no colours, no letters on the eye chart, actually no wall for the wall chart to hang on.

My retinologist therefore came to the decision that we have more than likely lost the fight for my left eye.

Next month I will go back and have a full battery of test, a flourescent dye will be injected into my arm to allow photographs of the blood supply to my left retina. I also may receive one more injection of Avastin.

Believe it or not it is a relief. I had been up and down over the lack of improvement in that eye following several injections. Now I know not to worry.

My retinologist is at a loss as to the cause of the blindness. Swelling is under control, there are lots of shunt vessels however across the retina so that may be the problem, these carry blood to areas now dead following the original clot five years ago.

Anyway, it is just another problem not to worry about.

For my American readers, Happy Thanksgiving.

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