Wednesday, September 26, 2012

So Polly's Gone.

Hariska Intrigue von Liaker "Polly"

Monday 24th September dawned bright.

Polly my old German Shepherd scrambled to her feet as she had for eighteen years and made her way outside. She went to the bathroom, chased the cat that, I think, enjoyed the morning ritual as much as Polly did.

We then ate breakfast. Not the usual dog food for Polly. Spam and eggs for us both. A real treat which she enjoyed occassionally. Then a short walk to the field at the end of the street.

She fell twice and we both struggled to get her to her feet. Back home she didn't get to come into the house. Straight to the back of the car. Straight in no fuss. She put her head on my leg and there she lay head on my knee for the hour drive to the veterinary surgeon.

Our appointment was at 11:30am we arrived on time. She went quietly to the back room. In seconds she was on the table. Her left paw shaved and the injection done.

Her head on her paws, I felt the cold spread on her neck. She was gone.

Eighteen years of perfect friendship. Now only a memory.

The cat still sits by the tree in the morning. Still and quiet, no longer does that great beast chase him and he waits and waits.

Now there is silence as I leave the house in the morning. Now I do not hear the click of claws on the floor or feel that long nose push my arm as I sit here writing.

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