Saturday, August 18, 2012

Wheelchair! GET OUT ' THE WAY!

Have you ever noticed a distinct hierarchy of disability?

I mean.

I was at the doctors office the other day. I have my usual problem of a receptionist who insists that by shouting and thrusting a pen into my right hand (I am left handed) that miraculously I will be able to see to sign in on their sign in sheet.

Sitting there I hear the buzz of an electric wheelchair in the waiting room and they are greeted with "How are you?" "I'm sorry to hear that. Let me help you with this." The receptionist hands down a pen and the sign in sheet and the happy person in the wheelchair laps up the attention.

Now this in a single case may be just the people know each other ssocially or are old friends. But it appears everywhere.

People in wheelchairs race around stores, up and down the sidewalk or worse still the street. Disregard the rules of the road. "Get out of my way! I am in a wheelchair" Their war cry.

Blind people? Well you hardly see those about. When you do we tap our way around invisible to all and sundry who push us and seem to give us an eye test. "Just how close can I get before he flinches?"

Then the deaf? What can we say about the deaf? Anything we want really. They are DEAF!

Yes there is a real hierarchy of disability.

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