Saturday, August 4, 2012

Free Parks Pass

This week I went to one of our local National Parks. Being in California we have lots to choose from, Sequoia, Kings Canyon, Death Valley and the queen of them all, in my opinion, Yosemite. Then we have small parks too,.

I have always been happy to buy a yearly pass for the parks. They are well worth it at less than $100 so five or moere visits to any parks make the annual pass profitable.

Well this time, my wife pointed out to the gate keeper that we have a disabled parking badge. The gate keeper asked if it was temporary or permanent. On hearing it was permanent they directed us to the Tourist Center.

There one of the park rangers was very helpful. He filled in a form for me and gave me a FREE pass to all National Parks in the US. This also covers entrance to national monuments and Federal Reserves.

So if you like to visit places. Consider asking Federal Officers if you are elligible for a FREE Parks Pass.

It is not often that our disabililties are recognized and we can receive some benefit from the Federal Government.

The General Sherman Tree
Sequoia National Park California USA

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