Saturday, June 9, 2012

Masters Degree Update

This has been a tense week.

Last Saturday, June 2, I posted my final paper for my class, Seminar in US History I. The class was the fourth in my Masters degree classes and covered my favorite period of US History, basically everything up until the end of the Civil War.

My final paper was a literature review. A very different paper to the Research papers I have been doing even up till March this year. It seems National University moved more towards the literature review in April and so this was my first Literature Review style paper.

My topic was the "Rights of Englishmen" in causing the Revolution. The debate at the time of the Revolution was that the Colonists had a right to proper treatment under English Common Law but for the English themselves the Colonies were beyond the jurisdiction of English Common  Law as it was described at the time.  This enflamed fears of colonists that the British would treat the Colonies as mere provinces and not guarantee what they saw as traditional rights.

I thoroughly enjoyed researching the paper. Even though in the middle of the four week class I reached the depths of my blindness. The laser surgery occured in the second week of class, the massive swelling of the retina in the third.

My original draft was late and though it was accepted without penalty, it only rated a B. Reading was tough, and more than a few times I wanted to cry at the end of a reading session where nothing seemed to work out.

In the end however the final paper and all my posts were in. At the end of week 3 I had a high "B" grade going for me. It looked as if my run of forty-three "A" grades was about to come to an endd.

Luckily I knuckled down and made one final push. Hitting a 97% on the final draft of the paper and 98% on my final posts was enough to push me over the 90% overall grade for the class.

My record of straight "A" grades remains good for yet another class.

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