Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Second Opinion

Monday May 7, 2012 saw me at the eye doctor for a second opinion regarding laser surgery on my left eye.

The doctor did not really give me very much information as to what has actually happened in my left eye. He just confirmed my retinologists opinion that laser surgery to cut off and ring fence the damaged area would be the only real solution.

It will not bring back any vision, of course. The laser treatment should hopefully reduce swelling from the central retinal vein occlusion, thereby making fewer injections of Avastin or Lucentis neccessary.

At the moment I feel some shock as to the thought of partially destroying the left retina. Even though the region to be lasered is already dead, it seems to mark a major defeat.

This CRVO took five years to destroy my left eye. I guess all the treatments we threw at it did buy some time.

Anyway, I now have an appointment with my retinologist for noon on Monday 14 May for the laser surgery.

This will be a hard week.

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