Saturday, May 12, 2012

Save your face. Buy a Hat.

Walking down the street is like an obstacle course at the best of times.

You have people leave a basketball hoop out on the sidewalk, fire hydrants, even the occassional open manhole cover.

Add to that the items above cane level. The low hanging tree branch, the pick-up truck side mirror just at the height to smack you in the eye.

For these items other than learning to accept a smack in the face there are few answers.

I am tired of the smack in the face though. So for that reason I bought myself a hat.

The Western style hat seems perfect for my needs.

It is comfortable, close fitting so it stays on in a breeze. Here in the Central Valley of California it is also almost invisible, they are everywhere in the rural areas. By the way they are also a lady pleaser. Don't tell my wife that part though.

Anyway, the hat as a good strong brim. This keeps the sun out of my eye helping to ease the strain on my eyes. The tall crown and wide brim also push away any low branches of trees and rose bushes.

Finding my way to a bus or train seat was always fraught with the danger of a banged head from the coat racks or overhead lockers. Now the hat takes the hit not my scalp. It is so nice not to ride the bus with no blood trickling down my face from that encounter with the coat rack.

In all my hat cost me a little over $60 from Boot Barn. You can pay more if you like, but this hat suited me, the price was a bonus.

Save yourself a bang on the head. Get a good sturdy hat.


  1. I hope this doesn't offend you! This post reminded me of my parents' dog who is now blind. When she started going blind she got these awful scabs all over her forehead from walking into walls. My mother had the great idea of tying lots of long cable ties on her collar, so when she walks near a wall she hears a scraping sound and doesn't run into it. It also lets her walk parallel to a wall in a perfect straight line by listening to the scraping. The scabs healed in a week since she wasn't banging her head anymore and she returned to her old self for a month or two.

  2. Hello Anonymous, No offence taken. I can empathizee with the poor dog and am glad the remedy was so easy.

    Thanks for taking the time to comment, much appreciated.


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