Thursday, May 17, 2012

Laser Treatment

On Monday 14 May I went to see my retinologist.
She had decided a few weeks ago to do some laser surgery on my eye. This was to ring fence the old damaged area of my retina. She said this would help reduce long term swelling as the region is now dead and was sending chemical signals telling my body to send help as the area was damaged. This natural defence system was then countering the injections of either avastin or lucwentis, making them less effective over the long term.

The left eye has no central vision. A little periferral acuity to detect light.

The laser treatment itself took about five minutes. First they applied some numbing drops.

Then a large contact lens was put on my eye. I placed my head in a headrest and was told to look into a light.

This light was a guide for the laser, the doctor sat opposite me as in a regular examination. Then there were some bright flashes, this was the laser working.

I did feel the occasional sting as a nerve was hit  the laser but it was not too bad.

After the surgery my eye was sensitive for the afternoon. A little like if someone pokes you in the eye. The eye also watered quite profusely for about an hour after the surgery.

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