Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Blind and Now Diabetic: Insulin Dosing Tip

As things go I guess this year is shaping up to be tough.

Losing the sight in my left eye then after blood test now finding myself to be Type II Diabetic and in need of insulin injections.

Giving myself insulin injections has not been too bad. My Endochrinologist had me take a dose in the morning then another dose at night after a month she decided to give me different doses morning and night.

I have had some trouble getting the medical insurance to pay for a pen type insulin injection system. This would be ideal, you turn the top and count the clicks to find the dose. so ten clicks of the pen top is ten units etc.

But no the insurance insist for the moment I use the old style needles.

Being blind here is not good. I have to ask my wife to measure the doses and she was able to make several days injections in advance. Very easy with a single dose morning and night.

So now with two different doses?

My wife here showed her genius.

She made up several days doses as normal, but to differentiate the morning and evening doses she put each set of prepared injections in boxes.

The morning box is lined with aluminum foil. (A = AM Dose).

The evening dose box is lined with paper (P- PM Dose).

It is simple to remember and tactile for me to easiky tell dose apart.

My wife can be brilliant in a crisis!

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