Friday, April 27, 2012

What do you miss being blind?

Being blind for me brings few real tragedies.

Now and then I wish that I could see my wife. I think that I can just remember her face, how she looked a couple of years ago. Since then though she has lost a lot of weight on a diet. I know that she has as I put my arms around her when we hug, but I don't know what that looks like.

I miss watching television in the evening. Now most of my tv viewing is restricted to "Jeopardy" the game show. I have always loved general knowledge quizzes, and this is possibly the only show I can follow.  I used to like detective shows like CSI but now less so, I need a running commentary as to what is happening and what the crime is so it gets irritating for others to constantly tell me what jusat happened.

Another thing I miss is the ability to read or look at a book. It is ok to use my intel reader or listen to a book on my kindle or CD, but they still mean that I have to follow the book in a linear fashion, beginning to end. No more skimming to a favorite passage. I miss that.


  1. I'm not sure where you are, but at least in the UK, shows like CSI are audio described (in the USA, I believe they call it video described, but you know what I mean). ON a British TV, you do have a switch the description on from the remote control.

    I'd have thought your Kindle would let you set bookmarks, as several other audio devices do, but I don't know, never having used one. I believe the DAISY software I've got on the PC also lets you set bookmarks, go to passages, etc. This program is called AMIS. Must admit, though, that it's not the same as privately reading a book by sight. I suppose for that experience, you really need to learn Braille, which I've found is a tough road to travel, having lost most of my sight in later life.

    1. Thanks for your comments nystagmite, there is some good information here.

      The Kindle does allow bookmarking,I own a Kindle DX and a Kindle Touch, personally I find their software for book-marking a little fiddly but the DX is easier because it does not use touch screen technology, but that is just me.

      Recently here in Fresno, CA our local major cinema chain Regal Entertainment introduced audio descriptyion technology in its cinema's so now we can borrow a headset from the Customer Service Desk and listen to audio descriptions. I intend to write a blog about my experience as soon as I get to try it, but it sounds good.


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