Thursday, March 8, 2012

Class Grades Posted Today!

Today was the day when my class professor posted our final paper grades and also the total grade for the class overall.

I was delighted that I received an A+ for my final paper. Receiving almost 97% for the grade. Overall in the class I received a A-, most of that was because the draft of my paper received a B-, I had concentrated on figuring out a timeline for my paper topic, "The Importance of US Highway 66 in the development of the modern USA"  That B was enough to take my overall class grade down to 94.75%.

I am very pleased with that situation however, I did not expect a higher grade on the draft paper. That is afterall where one can make the mistakes. The idea being you improve on that grade in the final effort and I did just that.

This now gives me an overall "A" for the MA program so far.

This is a very happy and positive finish to my day. 8-)

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