Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The World Gone Black.

A few days ago I talked about my vision suddenly failing completely in my left eye.

Yesterday, Monday February 20,2012, I went to see my retinologist for my monthly check-up.

As I had mentioned here, the first eye test using the eye chart showed problems. The major problem I could see nothing. One of the assistants who did all the preliminary checks shone a light into my left eye, I could see a faint glow, somewhere beside my nose. Otherwise nothing.

On getting these results and checking my OCT scan, which showed no swelling of the retina. That for me was not good news, swelling has in the past caused similar symptoms, but not the darkness.

My retinologist then sent me for a circulatory photo session. A fluorescent die is injected into your arm and seconds later a series of photographs is taken of the blood vessels over the back of the eye.

This series of pictures showed an area of the retina has died due to a lack of blood supply. 

The cause is not known, I don't know if there was a blockage because of a clot. I take warfarin daily, at about 10 to 15 mg per day. My blood was not as thinned as my hemotologist would have liked a few days ago so it is possible this was the cause.

Anyway the dead area could be responsible for the loss of vision.

My Retinologist is now thinking of laser surgery to seal off the dead area. She says this may prevent future swelling from the original CRVO and mean that I need less treatments with Avastin and Lucentis.

It also could mean that I have to take more and more laser treatments. That was what caused me to lose the sight in my right eye.  The eye surgeon there, suggested ring fencing the damaged area, but with each series of laser treatments to block off blood vessels, the damaged area only grew. Until after some 20,000 laser shots vision was lost in that eye almost completely.

So now a five week dilema, do nothing and leave well alone, do something and possibly not have to have monthly injections or go with treatment and risk a few painful laser surgeries but not regain any real vision.

It is tough but I have a month to think about it.

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