Thursday, February 2, 2012

What to do? Cancer?

In December I went to see my primary care doctor over a cough. He sent me off to the hospital that day for a chest x-ray. The result came back as pneumonia and so he gave me anti-biotics and told me to rest a few days and go back over the Christmas holidays for another chest x-ray.

Well the cough eased a little and I went back for a second chest x-ray which showed some scars, possibly from valley fever that I had in the Fall of 2006. Valley Fever is a nasty fungal infection of the lungs, and the Central Valley of California is a hoy spot for the little spores that you breathe in.

Well the cough came back the week after Christmas and back for more anti-biotics. Again there was some improvement until the other night when I felt the familiar burning pain under my ribs on the right side again.

Today, I went back to my doctor.

Today though he was a little more glum as he spoke to me.

The radiologist who examined the chest x-rays was concerned about a "mass" on the right lung.

""So, it's probably valley fever" scars?" Was my question.

"The radiologist wants to check again. This time with a CT scan. It may be a cancer."

Of course this is with no tests, no real information and not much evidence.

If I were on trial I would doubt this evidence would lead to a conviction. But it leaves yours truly here, wondering for the next week or so, while the doctor gets insurance clearance for the test. What the hell is going on? I am sure if it was that serious they would have called to let me know. Wouldn't they?

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