Monday, February 20, 2012

Going to the Retinologist Today

Today is my appointment at the retinologist.

My vision is about as bad as the worst days of my central retinal vein oclusion (CRVO) about four years ago now.

As I type I cannot see the keyboard, and as it is 5.30am I don't want to speak into my Dragon Naturally Speaking software.

It is at times like this, often early in the morning, after another sleepless night that I say this blindness lark really stinks. Wow a pity party is really going on in my head today.

There is not really a reason for that. I am not doing too badly after all. I have a job, I am doing pretty well with my Master's classes, twenty five percent of the way and passing classes. Even yesterday I completed and submitted the draft to my class final paper. That class has just twelve days to run now.

But again I meet the pity party crowd in my head. Spoil everyone's day, while others go to the mountains or the beach on this President's Day holiday, people have to give up their day to take me to the doctor. And to cap that they are willing to point that very thing out to me. I have to ask others to check my paper for me, just check spellings and not find  mistakes like one found the other week. Talking of "modern weapons" in nineteenth century China, Dragon made the phrase into "mutton weapons", I know the Chinese are tough but going into battle carrying a lamb chop! :)

But as you can perhaps tell that kind of frustration can get waring. You probably face similar frustrations daily.

All this is just whining and does no real good. It is just a mark of frustration and today I am like a kid screaming in the supermarket aisle because mummy will not buy me the toy car that I want and WANT NOW!

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