Thursday, February 16, 2012

All is Black.

I went to bed the other night. Closed my eyes and slept.
When I woke at just after 6am yesterday. I opened my eyes. I noticed that it was dark in the room. I was laying on my right side and my right eye was buried in the pillow. But what is unusual about it being dark at 6am on a February morning?

As many of you who are regular readers may recall. I often talk of the bright light I always see.

That bright light has gone from my left side vision. Now I close my right eye and the world is dark. Open my right eye and the world gets brighter with no definition.

So I have an appointment with my retinologist on Monday.  I am not going to push for that appointment to be brought forward. I would have done in the past, but given how my left eye vision has been detteriorating I think that this is just the final part of the going blind process in that eye.

Am I sorry, in some ways no. It was just getting problematic dealing with fluctuations. Some days good, some days really bad. If this situation is to be permanent I can adjust more easily to that permanent status.

I will keep you posted as to what happens.

What My Eye Doctor Found.

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