Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Where Did January Go?

It seems only a few hours ago since I was wishing everyone a happy new year. Now here we are and it's the 31st January.

The month has been busy. I have got another class almost under my belt. My Modern China class ends on Saturday next. Then a one day break to see the Superbowl game and back to school Monday for Modern American History.

January also saw the news that two studies and medical trials for blindness treatments are going well. One with human fetal stem cells at UCLA came out first. That was encouraging that human trials were positive.

At Pennsylvania University a gene therapy treatment for Retinitis Pigmentosa is also looking positive. Treatment there is still at the animal test stage. Scientists are using a virus injected into the eye to transport a modified gene to the retina to implant the gene into retinal cells curing the disease.  Again encouraging results there.

On other fronts we have got past the first of the Primaries in the Presidential race. Still a close call there for the Republicans. It will be an interesting few months till the primaries are over and we get to the final race to November.

So that seems to be where January went for me. I hope it was as normal for you.

Now to decide who I should cheer on Sunday in the Superbowl. Patriots or Giants? Manning is good, and he gets to go to his brothers home field. My mother in law is from Connecticut so torn there for the Patriots.

Decisions, decisionns, decisions?

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